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There are many paths to career and business success - let us be your guide.

TalentFOUND is an initiative designed to bring together all the systems, partners, programs, and initiatives of the Colorado talent development network under one centralized access point to ensure that students, job seekers, and workers have access to meaningful careers, and businesses have access to skilled talent.

Talent Found's paths to success include Workforce Development, Work-Based Learning, Adult Education, Postsecondary Education and Training, K-12, and Economic Development.

Key Components

In addition to the TalentFOUND brand, there are four main components being created:

2D graphic of a phone and wrench Affiliate Communications Toolkit
2D graphic of a circuit board Electronic Gateway connecting individuals and businesses with relevant tools and resources
2D graphic of a radio transmission tower Public Service Announcements + Digitals Ads
2D graphic of an achievement award ribbon Success Story Repository
TalentFOUND is for everyone who is part of the Colorado talent development network. With such a broad audience and many excellent tools and resources already in existence, it is important to clarify what TalentFOUND is NOT.

We are NOT aiming to:

  • Replicate Existing Tools
  • Replace Partners’ Brands
  • Replace Partners’ Marketing Plans
  • Prescribe How Partners Provide Services
  • Track Individual User Data

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The outcome of TalentFOUND's Workforce Development, Work-Based Learning, Adult Education, Postsecondary Education and Training, K-12, and Economic Development is a situation where job seekers, workers, and students gain meaningful employment and businesses and industry gain access to a strong talent pipeline.

Promotion of the Colorado talent development network through TalentFOUND will result in the following outcomes:

  • Businesses will use the Colorado talent development network as a reason for staying in, coming to, and expanding in Colorado. They will have easier access to tools and resources.
  • Students, job seekers, and workers will have the information they need to explore a variety of education and training and career opportunities and more easily access the resources already available to help set and achieve their career goals.


Dec. 2015: Communications group convened, June 2016: Plan Drafted, Aug 2016: Plan Finalized, Sept. 2016: 1,000+ Assets Mapped, Sept. 30, 2016: TalentFOUND Brand Launch, Oct. 2016 to present: Charter Affiliate Recruitment & Brand Awareness Campaign, (emphasized) Late 2017: TalentFOUND Electronic Gateway Launch.


Colorado is committed to building and maintaining a strong economy, and we recognize that the foundation of a strong economy is a strong workforce. Colorado is already known nationally as a leader in the alignment of our workforce, education, and economic development systems, ensuring they are customer-centered and industry-led. We are building a unified, world-class talent development network to help students, job seekers, and workers get the training they need – and help businesses find the qualified workers they need – for the jobs of today and tomorrow. But the Colorado talent development network is as broad and diverse as those we serve. As a result, our students, job seekers, workers, and businesses do not always know where to turn for help regarding these services. TalentFOUND will help Coloradans navigate this network of systems.
TalentFOUND is an initiative to help students, job seekers, workers and businesses access, understand, utilize, and engage with the workforce, education, and economic development tools and resources that already exist to serve them.
The Colorado Workforce Development Council has been working with talent development network partners to create a centralized brand and communications plan to better connect with those we serve. Our aim is to “create and deliver a unified message for internal and external communication and connections” as set forth by Colorado’s WIOA implementation plan (Goal 4), the Governor’s Workforce and Education Cabinet Work Group, and the CWDC’s strategic plan. We will expand access to our partners’ services by driving vetted customers directly to them.
The electronic gateway is not ready yet. Upon completion, TalentFOUND.org will act as a centralized gateway to drive access to all parts of the wide-reaching talent development network, helping users navigate the various state and local agencies and resources. There are many different websites and a dizzying amount of information available already from various agencies and initiatives. The problem is not that the information is not available; the challenge is that Coloradans do not always know where to go or the best way to access the resources that are relevant to them. TalentFOUND.org will be the hub through which students, job seekers, workers, and businesses can search, filter, and access the many resources and tools available throughout the entire talent development network in Colorado. In turn these resources will help each individual design his or her OWN unique path to success.
The visitor will fill out a form to tell us more about her- or himself: who they are (student, job seeker, worker, business), and what they’re looking for (find a job, go to school, or get training, research career opportunities, find people to hire, etc.) Based on the answers, TalentFOUND will serve up the best resources to help the individual, sending the user to the most relevant tools and resources already in existence.
We anticipate a launch in late 2017 or early 2018.
TalentFOUND is being created to help all talent development network partners better serve our customers – students, job seekers, workers, and businesses. We know you already provide unparalleled value to those you serve, and that you bring a server mentality to the work you do. We are here to drive people to the services available to them – to your services. By helping people and organizations better understand and navigate the network, we are not only bringing new customers into the fold; we are also bringing more informed, educated, and engaged customers and pointing them to the right place in the system for them to plug in. Specifically, TalentFOUND looks to better:
  • Increase awareness, understanding, and connectivity between partners and systems
  • Make the systems and services easier to find, access, and use
  • Give people access to information and resources before they come through your door
  • Drive new users to your services
  • Give you a tool you can provide to people for their own research and exploration, and to help you cross-promote people to the right agencies, partners, and resources
Sign up to stay informed and/or sign up your organization to become a charter affiliate. You can also help us get the word out about TalentFOUND by sharing this website with colleagues and partners you think might be interested. What can affiliates do moving forward? As with all brands and initiatives, success comes with repetition and consistency. By integrating TalentFOUND with the marketing you’re already doing, you will help drive those you serve to the most relevant tools and resources they need.
Contact Britta Blodgett at the Colorado Workforce Development Council if you have further questions.

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